It's as easy as 1-2-3...

1. Click to view the plane crash movie, then take the tutorial to learn how it was done.

2. Right Click (MAC Ctrl Click) and select Save Target As.. to download files Crash.wav and Fire.gif for the tutorial.

3. Follow the tutorial below.

Tutorial: Building a Flash Web Site

Using Flash, you can create impressive animated sequences that you can use on Web pages. This tutorial guides you through the process of creating a Flash movie, incorporating it into a Web page and posting it to a Web site. In this Tutorial, you will create a movie for a hypothetical company, "Hi-Risque Underwriters." The movie shows two planes colliding in mid air and crashing on a mountain top. This is a Flash intro to a Web site that promotes insurance for extreme risk takers.

Creating the Movie

This movie shows two airplanes approaching each other from opposite sides of the stage and colliding over a mountain. The ensuing explosion takes place and the movie ends with the planes destroyed. You will need to make several layers, each containing objects in the movie. Some objects will be converted to symbols. You will animate many of the objects and add sound effects.

Lesson 1: Creating the Background Layer

Movies are made up of scenes, layers and timelines. The first task in making a movie is to create the first layer, which in this case, is a background layer.
1. Launch Flash from the Program menu.
2. Double click on the Layer name in the left pane under Scene 1 and rename the layer Background.
3. Save your movie. You can click the disk icon on the Toolbar or select File >Save. Your movie will be saved as Movie1.
4. Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle covering all or nearly all of the stage.
5. Select the Paint Bucket tool and select a light blue color. Click inside the rectangle to color the sky blue.
6. Select the box in the 45th frame of the Background timeline (in the pane to the right of the layer name) and Insert a Keyframe by selecting Insert >Keyframe.

Figure 1

Creating the background layer and inserting a Keyframe.

Lesson 2: Creating Additional Layers

Since you are aware that your movie will have several layers of objects and action, you can create all the layers needed by clicking on the plus sign in the lower left corner of the layer name area. Each time you click the plus sign, a new layer will appear above the old one. These layers will be numbered by default. You will double click on the layer name and rename them according to the movie. In addition to the Background layer, you should create layers named; Props, Plane1, Plane2, Pow, Sound.

When you have finished creating all the layers, you can select the 45th frame of each and select Insert >Keyframe to insert Keyframes in the last frames of each layer, as you did for the Background layer.

Figure 2

Creating all the layers.

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