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Contents for the Introductory Flash MX 2004 Tutorials

Lesson 1: Using the Work Area

Learning about Flash Concepts
Recognizing the Stage and its Content
Becoming familiar with the tools
Viewing Tooltips
Using the Toolbar Options
Using the Toolbox Options
Working with the Tool Options and Panels

Lesson 3: Drawing and Painting

Drawing a House
Combining Tools to Enhance Your House
Using the Painting Tools

Lesson 5: Utilizing Text

Mastering Text Basics
Selecting Fonts
Changing Text Size
Rotating Text
Changing Text Block Attributes
Creating Text Effects
Creating a Drop Shadow
Creating Graphics from Text
Enhancing the Drop Shadow
Making Sailing Fun
Making Text Conform to a Shape

Learning about Text Fields

Please be patient. New lessons for the Beginning course will be released approximately weekly. Also coming very soon will be an intermediate course in MX 2004.